Publications (incl. some PDFs)

For convenience, the articles are listed in reverse order,
and many of the texts were written originally in Finnish –
Please quote only with adequate references!

Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Journal article (refereed), original research

  1. “Sokkeloinen silkkitehdas, ihmisetön luonto: Todellisuusvetoisen dokumenttielokuvan kaksi tietä” [Silk Factory Mazes, Natures Devoid of Men: The Two Paths of Reality-Grounded Documentary Films], niin & näin, 2, 2013, pp. 43–48. PDF
  2. “Kävelevän filosofian ensiaskelia: H. D. Thoreau ja vaeltelemisen ylistys” [First Steps in Philosophy of Walking: H. D. Thoreau in Praise of Sauntering], niin & näin, 2, 2011, pp. 47–53. PDF
  3. “Emersonian Moral Perfectionism: An Alternative Ethics – But in What Sense?, European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, 2(2), 2010, pp. 54–71. PDF
  4. (co-authored with Sami Pihlström, 50 % by myself): ”Emerson, James ja elävä usko” [Emerson, James, and Living Faith], in Usko [Faith], Filosofisia tutkimuksia Helsingin yliopistosta, The Philosophical Society of Finland, 2009, pp. 297–307. PDF
  5. ”Outo ihmisyys – Stanley Cavellin haastattelu” [A Strange Humanity – An Interview with Stanley Cavell], niin & näin, 4, 2008, pp. 8–15. PDF
  6. ”Emersonin filosofinen voima” [Emerson’s Philosophical Potential], niin & näin, 2, 2008, pp. 26–31. PDF
  7. ”Ralph Waldo Emerson, filosofi” [Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Philosopher], niin & näin, 3, 2007, pp. 81–87.
  8. ”Emerson, Ralph Waldo”, Logos-ensyklopedia. Eds. Syrjämäki, Sami, Kannisto, Toni & Järvilehto, Lauri. Eurooppalaisen filosofian seura ry.  <> (31.10.2007) PDF
  9. ”Emerson ja kulttuurin merkitykset” [Emerson and the Senses of Culture], Ajatus, Vol. 64, The Philosophical Society of Finland, Helsinki, 2007, pp. 89–112. PDF

Review article, Literature review, Systematic review

  1. ”Suomalaisen elämänfilosofian uusia haasteita” [Novel Challenges for Finnish Philosophy of Life, a book review of Pihlström, Sami: Elämän ongelma – filosofian eettinen ydin (The Problem of Life: The Ethical Core of Philosophy), 2010], Tiede & Edistys, pp. 156–160. PDF
  2. “The New Morning: Emerson in the Twenty-First Century” (a book review), Transactions of the Charles PP. Peirce Society, Fall 2010 46(4), pp. 650–655. PDF
  3. “Emerson and Self-Culture” (a book review of John T. Lysaker’s Emerson and Self-Culture), Transactions of the Charles PP. Peirce Society, 44(3), Summer 2008, pp. 534–540. PDF
  4. ”Miten elämä on ja ei ole ongelma” [How Life is and is not a Problem, a book review of Pihlström, Sami: Pragmatic Moral Realism: A Transcendental Defense, 2005], niin & näin, 2, 2007, pp. 125–127.
  5. ”Totuuden riippuvuus kävelemisestä järven ympäri” [Dependence of the Truth on a Walk around the Lake, a book review of Emerson, Ralph Waldo: Luonto (Nature), transl. Antti Immonen, 2002], niin & näin, 4, 2003, pp. 124–127.

Book section, chapters in research books

  1. “Perfectionism Rudimentary and Religious: Traces of Karelia, Ideas of America”, Stanley Cavell and the Thought of Other Cultures, eds. Naoko Saito and Paul Standish, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, forthcoming.
  2. “Emersonian Self-Culture and Individual Growth: The American Appropriation of Bildung”, in Theories of Bildung and Growth, eds. Pauli Siljander, Ari Kivelä, & Ari Sutinen, Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, 2012, pp. 183–197. PDF
  3. (co-authored with Douglas R. Anderson, 80 % by myself): “Majesty of Truth and the Moral Sentiment: Emerson’s and Peirce’s Ethico-Ontological Realism”, in Realism – Mere homonymy or common commitment(s)?, eds. Westphal, Kennth & Pihlström, Sami, forthcoming.
  4. ”Stanley Cavellin tavallisen kielen filosofian ylitys” [Stanley Cavell’s Overcoming of Ordinary Language Philosophy], in Tavallisen kielen filosofia [Ordinary Language Philosophy], Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press, Helsinki, 2013, pp. 148–162. PDF
  5. ”Esseistisen romaanin moraalifilosofia: Musil, Emerson ja Nietzsche toisenlaisina eetikkoina” [Moral Philosophy in Novel Form: Musil, Emerson, and Nietzsche and the Other Ethics], in Kirjallisuus ja filosofia [Literature and Philosophy], eds. Antti Salminen, Jukka Mikkonen, & Joose Järvenkylä, Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seura, Helsinki, 2012, pp. 135–149. PDF
  6. ”Filosofia ja elämä” [Philosophy and Life], in Mitä on filosofia? [What is Philosophy?], 2010, pp. 189–200. PDF
  7. ”Maailman tunteminen ja minuuden etsintä” [Knowledge of the World and the Search for the Self], in Maailma [World], eds. Jussi Kotkavirta, Olli-Pekka Moisio, Sami Pihlström & Henna Seinälä, SoPhi, Jyväskylä, 2011, pp. 110–118.

Non-refereed scientific articles

  1. ”Miksi elämänfilosofia(lla) ei elä” [Why Philosophy of Life Brings no Living], Paatos, 2, 2007, pp. 3–9.

Scientific books (monographs)


  1. Self as World – The New Emerson. Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1568. Tampere University Press, Tampere, 2010.
  2. Emerson ja filosofia – Ralph Waldo Emersonin filosofian ääriviivoja [Emerson and Philosophy – Sketches on the Philosophy of Emerson]. Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press, Helsinki, 2007.

Edited book, conference proceedings or special issue of a journal

  1.  (co-edited with Henrik Rydenfelt): Mitä on filosofia? [What is Philosophy?] Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press, Helsinki, 2010.
  2. Emerson-teemapaketti [A Thematic Issue on R. W. Emerson], niin & näin, 2, 2008.

Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research

  1. ”Reunahuomautuksia kamarimusiikista” [Reflections on Chamber Music], Nuori Voima, 2–3, 2013, pp 91–93. PDF
  2. ”Jumala musiikissa” [God in Music], Iltasoitto/Serenade (the festival journal of the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival), pp. 18–19.
  3. ”Kamarimusiikin eturintamassa” [On the Vanguard of Chamber Music], niin & näin, 4, 2011, pp. 112–113. PDF
  4. ”Idän ja lännen risteyskohdassa: Weimarin ortodoksinen kirkko ja Maria Pavlovna” [Crossroads of East and West: The Orthodox Church in Weimar and Maria Pavlovna], Aamun koitto, August 2011, pp. 6–7.
  5. ”Amerikan oma luontoääni” [The American Voice of Nature], Helsingin sanomat, 31.5.2003.


Doctoral dissertation (monograph)

  1. Self as World – The New Emerson. [The Doctoral Dissertation.] Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1568. Tampere University Press, Tampere, 2010.

Master’s thesis

  1. Kovalainen, Heikki A. (2004): Siteettömyys. Emersonilaisesta perfektionismista ja pragmatismista kohti Ralph Waldo Emersonin filosofian ymmärrystä. [Disengagement: From Emersonian Perfectionism and Pragmatism Towards an Understanding of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Philosophy]. Master’s Thesis in Theoretical Philosophy. University of Helsinki.

Manuscripts to be submitted for publicatio

  • “Love for Emerson – Surprising Discovery and Platonic Ascent.”
  • “Emerson’s Gay Science: Reflective Comparisons between the American Essayist and Friedrich Nietzsche.”

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