LES-album coming up!

The best possible news for many a lover of L E S … !

– Yes, we do have our first full-length album coming up!

The songs to be included in the record will be tentatively titled as follows:

  1. Dark Night Wind (Kovalainen)
  2. Chalk Circle (Palomaa)
  3. Ancient Forms (Palomaa)
  4. The Ideal Type (Palomaa)
  5. Into the Sea (Palomaa & Kovalainen)
  6. Outsider Superior (Kovalainen & Palomaa)
  7. Delirious Love (Palomaa & Kovalainen)
  8. Wipe (Kovalainen & Palomaa)
  9. Frozen Sparrow (Palomaa & Kovalainen)
  10. Minor Fortunes (Kovalainen)

All in all, it will run up to about an hour, including a 12-minute track about the end of days … as well as a five-song series of catchy pop tunes composed by Mr. Palomaa!

If all goes well, there will be a piano added to the familiar instruments in a few songs, and our new bass player Juha will be playing a few guitar parts and singing a bit, too!

Scheduled for release in the spring 2013 … in the meantime,
we’ll be hoping to see you in some of our upcoming shows!

For one, we’ll be playing a gig at Nuclear Nightclub
on Thursday 13 December 2013
; more info will follow…

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