Love Life: sneak peak 1…

with a special permisson from the band members of LES,
I’m happy to offer a pre-release of some of the lyrics
tentatively drafted for our upcoming album Love Life
(not to be confused with some materials we’re
currently working on apart from these,
please see the entry on that –)

[please do not quote without permission, © H. A. Kovalainen]

the variegated chambers of the heart
some reserved for attraction and spark
others abandoned for shuffling strolls
turn into a vacant museum of the soul

how frightening it is
our feelings lunatically stiff
no longer remind us of their reality
no longer insisting on their actuality
who would know that they ever were?

real love begins in nothingness
no anticipation will trace its progress
a naked confrontation, a new beginning
we’re beaten to ground, we spring from the ground

an infinite beam
will spring from the dream
no longer evading all shows of reality
no longer pretending that love’s actuality
and he will be there to see and witness

a touch of grace
will set her eyes ablaze
no longer aimlessly scanning the scene
no longer attaching to all and everything
who would have known that they didn’t see?

(from a song tentatively titled “Museum Walls”)

swimming in the sea
floating on the rocks
love, you help me live
in the world as bleak as stone
bare-strip my bosom bone
plunge your tongue into my heart

before I met you, oh words didn’t mean
they didn’t refer, devoid of content
now that I’ve met you, they’re bristling with sense
with vulgar reflections and earthly affinities
after I met you, oh the ceiling just cracked
and opened the skies I never thought existed
now vast spaces reach above and beyond
the possible swims in the afternoon –

love song
words so ironic they couldn’t be false
love song
words so iconic they couldn’t be false
or what did you fancy, my love?
hear my love song for things yet to come –

(from a song preliminarily titled “Life of Life”)

[please do not quote without permission, © H. A. Kovalainen]

Love Life: sneak peak 2…

all things are woven together
a triangle, a circle, a square
all corners are interlinked
affection intermingles…

wounded wings of the angel
carry omens of the immobile Earth
and heavenly promises of hereafter
wipe the dust from my hearth

wipe this black dust clean
don’t fear the image unseen
and breathe the fragrance of the purest air
the dust will be swept, the stories merge here…

how could I become a hole to be filled?
how could I become a whole that fills?

the limpid air of betrayal
a woman’s lust to be flattered
the slippery slope of betrayal
a man’s lust for adventure

wounded wings of the angel
carry signs of the immobile Eearth
weave these garments over their bodies
emblems of the lifeless birth…

(from a song to be titled “Black Dust”)

father and mother,
always you struggle inside of me
oh mother, god of the earth
oh father, where were you when we laid
the foundations of the earth …

and toughness and sensitivity
spoke their delicate tongues within me
only one of them did I know by acquaintance
only one of them would I grow to know…


and toughness and sensitivity
fought their battles to death within me
only one of them destroyed my love, first love
only one of them mended these pieces apart…

and toughness and sensitivity
make their fragile moves appear sweet
dance their waltzes for life within me
they dance to death in deep intimacy

(from “Toughness and Sensitivity”, with thanks to Terrence Malick!)

[please do not quote without permission, © H. A. Kovalainen]

L E S 13.12.12!

Uuteen nousukiitoon äitynyt bändimme LES soittaa piiitkääästä aikaa
ensimmäisen baarikeikkansa Nuclear Nightclubilla Oulussa –

* * TORSTAINA 13.12.2012 * *
[estimated showtime at 21:00]

Luvassa bändin vanhoja klassikoita Madnessista Motheriin, Double
Worlds EP
:n biisejä sekä ennen muuta uuden levyn makupaloja!

Pistetään kunnon kemut pystyyn, sana kiertoon
eli vanhaa ja uutta yleisöä paikalle!

[sivun ylimmät valokuvat © Sonja Kaisanlahti]
(alin kuva viime keikalta © Timo Haapaniemi)