ENG: constructing…

[Photos in this post were taken by Heikki Palomaa, my long-time friend and a co-musician, kind enough to help me with the preparations and to play guitar in the opening party!]

May the constructing work begin!

Since the place where I’m putting the exhibition on display is usually not used as a gallery, there will be quite a bit of work in organizing the space so as to make it look like one!

Once I’ve settled in Kuhmo (after spending the Christmas with my parents and my
sister’s family in Oulu), there will be three days to carry out the constructing work…

Or to be precise: two full days, since it turns out there’s another tenant using
the same office space to sell hiking gear until Friday 30 December 2011!

Let’s begin by completing the framing work of the photos: here I’m
attaching iron wire to each image such that they can be hanged on the wall.

For hanging, I’m using S-shaped hooks and ready-made holes on the wall. The
wires are attached directly to metallic hooks tied to the background cardboards.

In about half of the space, the walls are made of wood, so occasionally I’m using an additional wooden board to minimize the number of nails I’ll need to hammer on the wall:

This board (shown behind the picture being just hanged) will host four pictures,
the so-called Helsinki Variations (see Helsinki-muunnelmat in the section “Kuvia”).

And as if that wasn’t enough …there will need to be light!

I’m attaching spotlights to the ceiling to ensure the photos will be sufficiently bright and not dependent on the cold light of the white lamps usually responsible for lighting (see below).

(When the space is used for commercial purposes, those lamps are
on, but that doesn’t seem very convenient for an exhibition…)

Fortunately, I was rational enough to realize I might be running out of time should I have nobody to help with the constructions, so I contemplated whom to ask for some help…

… in the end, I phoned my brother-in-law’s father, a “bare-footed” kuhmolainen, as we would say (i.e. he’s originally from here), and in three minutes he parked his van by the site!

A couple of hours earlier, I had discovered some idle boards in the basement of the gallery-to-be, so we used those to make three platforms for additional spotlights …

… these can be seen on the left hand side of the photo above, and they really gave my
gallery the finishing touches it sorely needed! Thousand thanks, Leo, for all the help!

ENG: opening festivities!

The two photo exhibtions featured in the festival Kuhmo Celebrates Winter
were finally opened on New Year’s Day, 1 Jan 2012 at 3 p.m.!

Klaus von Matt’s exhibition Taivaan merkkikieli [Sign Language of Heaven]
was made public alongside my exhibition Varjomuunnelmia [Shade Variations].

To be frank, my exhibition didn’t open properly until after the 1 Jan, on the 2 Jan 2012,
since me and Heikki had to spend the evening of the New Year’s Day … constructing …

In this photo, Klaus is the second person on the left, while I’m the rightmost.
(The first person on the left is the dancer-choreographer Mikko Hyvönen, kind enough
to attend the opening festivities and whose work will be addressed in some future posts.)

We were fortunate to have an attendance of about 70 people in the opening party.
On my end, these included people to have contributed to my schooling, teachers from
the comprehensive level as well as teacher colleagues from the high school of Kuhmo etc.

My family and fiancée Moona didn’t come until for the popular lecture on 4 Jan 2012,
but I was happy enough to have the three of my dear godchildren and their parents
Sanna & Teemu, both very very longtime friends from Kuhmo, joining the crew!

In the end, I gave a short speech mostly expressing my gratitude for the closest co-workers (see the final picture below). It was good to have come that far after all the hustle and bustle of putting the finishing touches to the exhibition!

Let me repeat my central debts here:

To Klaus von Matt, who’s been a most inspiring and encouraging fellow artist,
and to Philip Donner, who’s a genuinely altruistic person and whose downright avantgardist open-mindedness has provided most fertile ground for my activities!

Philip is also the person to have helped me in getting these home
pages going, so for that he deserves a genuine thanks as well!

And finally, to Heikki Palomaa, who never shies
away from a chance to experiment with music!

Among other things, the opening party gave us a chance to play an ex tempore
comeback gig of LES (our long-time band project), with two guitars and a convenient mixture of deliberation and improvisation. (If you have photos from the gig, contact me!)