New York photography 1/2

Took a few shots while stopping by in New York,
on a conference trip, in a gigantic town –

where they say the symmetry of the folks was
downright cubist (though the folks were upright)

where tendresse was shown in a public place
in Lincoln Center where I heard Sibelius played

a man from a small town took a moment musing
how they pulled the swirling threads together

and the limpid cabs as if predetermined in their
(indeed, preordained to switch their lanes)

a boy turns into a muppet,
a man turns into a robot –

In a city, all’s bristling with light
and I, feigning humble, shot its lines

New York photography 2/2

I begin from the light (unsystematic
indomitable), vacating darkness

went searching for Nature
veiled in a cloud of smog

researched its gradations, blocks
of granite blending wandering folks

what to say / in a place where all’s evanescent
excepting the trees (the gray, the sky)

I rule you she said
you never will he quipped

why not let the light come through –
if darkness speaks, why, then, not light?

I will live for the light.
If only to trace its grace.